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Release Notes



  1. Autosave option added in preferences.
  2. New buttons were added to the bottom of the layer view, that allow to create, delete, and duplicate layers.
  3. A 'Select All' Shortcut was added to select all shapes/points of the selected layer (Ctrl+A).
  4. Added descriptions for layers. A layer menu can be opened by double-clicking on the layer. Also, the description is shown in the tooltip if present.


  1. OmniViewer now allows importing a file, while another file is currently being imported without canceling the ongoing import.
  2. Improved Region Growing tool performance, especially for large files.


  1. Fixed display issues with files that don't have a background layer.
  2. The flattening mode was fixed when flattening an entire volume, as well as for the masked view.
  3. Fixed copying and pasting an entire slice.
  4. Removed a point that randomly showed up in the top left corner of files.
  5. Fixed the locked mode for changing slices in multiple files concurrently.