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Getting Started

Getting Started


To use the OmniViewer Software, you need to be logged in. Use the credentials provided by RetinAI Medical AG and enter them in the login screen. When the entered values are correct, the screen will disappear.

Open/Import Files

To open or import Files, open the File menu and select Open File to open a .H5 file or select Import File to import a File of another type. It is also possible to drag and drop files into OmniViewer. Multiple Files can be opened at once and they will be arranged as tabs by default. The Arrangement can be changed using the drop-down menu in the Toolbar.

It is possible to import multiple image Files as a new 3D Volume by placing them in a Folder. The Folder can then be imported by clicking on Files -> Import Folder. Please note that all the image files need to have the same dimensions to be successfully imported.

Saving Files

To Save a .h5 File to its current location click File -> Save. To choose a different location click on Save as.., which will open a dialog window that allows selecting a new directory. The shortcuts Ctrl+S and Ctrl+Shift+S serve for a quick access to the save options.

Note: Files are always stored in an H5 File format. It is, however, possible to obtain images of the current view by copying them to the Clipboard. To do so, select the view you want to copy and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. The image will be saved to the Clipboard and is available in other applications.