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Editing Shapes

Editing Shapes

Shapes can be edited in a range of different ways. Most cases require the shape to be selected. In this case, use the Selection Tool described in the Tools section and click on the shape that should be edited. It is possible to select and edit multiple shapes at the same time when selected using the rubber-band selection.

Copy & Paste

Selected shapes can be copied using the Shortcut Ctrl+C and be pasted using Ctrl+V. The same options are available by opening the context menu on the shape. Shapes can be pasted to a different slice, a layer of the same type, or even to a different File. To copy an entire Slice, the context menu in the Layer view can be used.


To move a shape from one layer to another, while maintaining the exact position the assign option in the shapes context menu can be used. It lists the different possible layers where the shape can be moved and also allows to assign the shape to a new layer.


There are different ways to smoothen a shape. As described in the Dockable Views section, the Shape Properties view can be used to smoothen the borders of a shape. Another way is to select the shape that needs to be smoothened and drag the blue dot at the top-left corner of the selected shape. The shape will only be smoothened upon deselecting the shape.


Similar to the Region Growing tool, shapes can be grown. To do so, select the shape that should be affected and drag the blue dot at the left-bottom of the shape. The shape will grow and stick to any edges that are present near the shape's border. The shape will only be changed upon deselecting it. The growing can be canceled by pressing ESC.

Erode Dilate

The selected shape can be eroded/dilated by dragging the blue dot in the middle of the left edge of the shape when selected. By dragging the dot the shape will grow or shrink. The shape is only adapted upon deselecting the shape.